This bio is about Westbrook Technologies Inc. It offers a brief overview of the company, some of its products, and the reason why lots of people chose to consider partnering with it.

About Westbrook Technologies Inc

Westbrook Technologies Inc was an innovative software company that focused on content development services. The company also offered documents management for paper and electronic documents including indexing, archiving, automated purging, and the retrieval of digital records.

Westbrook Technologies Inc was founded in 1991 and remained a privately held company ever since. Based in Branford along the Connecticut coast, the company dedicated all its resources over the last 27 years to deliver exemplary services to its customers. As a result, Westbrook Technologies Inc saw a steady level of growth. In 2013, it had over 24, 000 customers around the world.

Westbrook Technologies Inc understood that software could be a transformative force in business. Innovatively designed and customized software solutions helped companies gain efficiency, enhance processes, and reach maximum potential without extra costs. This was exactly what Westbrook had focused on in nearly three decades of service. The company developed two major software solutions called Fortis and Fortis Blue. These solutions ensured organizations have full searchable documents and images.

The company also helped businesses achieve seamless integration with important line of business applications. It also went the extra mile to help these businesses get access to copiers, printers, MFP technologies, and scanners from some of the top manufacturers in the market. The end goal was to ensure that businesses, no matter how large or small they were, could leverage on its software to increase productivity, improve sales, and achieve long term brand visibility.

Some of the biggest brands in the Technology Partners list of Westbook Technologies that time were: Microsoft, Oracle, Abbyy, Amyuni Technologies, AnyDoc Software, Xocdiavn, PDFTron, Ricoh, Topaz, Vision Solutions, Inc.

In 2013, Westbrook Technologies was acquired by DocuWare. The company’s two main products were then merged into the DocuWare’s product line.

Westbrook Technologies Inc Products

Westbrook Technologies Inc had two main products that have been offered to clients for quite some time. This section of the bio looks at these products, what they are about, and the kind of value they can add to your business.

Fortis Blue

FortisBlue was content management software designed to enhance operations at any organization in a seamless and efficient way. The software was designed to offer next-generation content management. It literally replaced paper files with a searchable electronic format that could be accessed over the internet. In case you have been dealing with increased workflow, using physical paper is not an option. It takes too much space and requires outdated filing systems that limit efficiency in operations.

FortisBlue took this away. It offered an automated content management system that gave you access to your documents anytime and anywhere you need without boring and inefficient physical filing. FortisBlue could also be used by any devices and was available through the cloud. It was so easy to use as well. In fact, most users that time were able to get it up and running after a few minutes.

Integrating software into content management had so many benefits. Even though there were many software options out there, you need a reputable solution that helped businesses like yours for years. FortisBlue fit this criterion and was one of the most prized assets from Westbrook Technologies.

FortisBlue Express

FortisBlue was also another content management product offered by Westbrook. Unlike FortisBlue, this one did not offer the workflow option but even then, it was still one of the more cost-effective content management systems you could find in the market in 2013.

FortisBlue was mostly geared towards the needs of smaller businesses. Westbrook was also offering different versions of this software to meet the needs of different companies. Back into those days, if you simply needed basic content management, you could opt for the most basic version. However, there was always a chance to upgrade to more capabilities as your business expands.

These two products were defined by certain important features. This was actually one of the reasons why they had managed to grow in terms of popularity in recent times.

Here were some of these features:

  • These software products were all web-based. In essence, they were installed in a central server and accessed through the cloud. Clients did not need to invest in hardware or computers to run this software. An average business PC would be able to get the job done anytime.
  • Automation – There was no argument that automation could be a huge plus for businesses that wanted to enhance efficiency in operations. The software products offered by Westbrook were designed to give this capability. They allowed you to manage content and automate access for the best results.
  • Flexibility and scalability – Westbrook had done quite well to make sure that it was offering flexible and scalable products that responded to the needs of different businesses. It didn’t matter whether you had a small or a large enterprise. Westbrook gave you the chance to upgrade and downgrade the capabilities of its software in order to meet your needs.
  • Security – In the age of digital businesses in 2013, important documents could be exposed to security threats any time. But this was not something you would have to worry about when using the content management systems offered by Westbrook. The company went the extra mile in making sure clients could operate securely on the cloud using its solutions.
  • Multi-device access – Clients could also access these products through any Internet-enabled device. Whether it was a PC, a tablet, or even a smartphone, Westbrook Technologies ensured you were able to use any of these devices to do your job. This allowed clients to access any products on the go anytime they needed it.

Services Offered by Westbrook Technologies

In addition to the enterprise content management solutions offered by Westbrook Technologies, the company also offered additional services to help businesses grow. There were three main services available at the company and here was a simple breakdown of each one of them.


Westbrook Technologies had a team of experts that were well versed in all aspects of technology. From Object Oriented Programing to web development, the team here had enough expertise to help clients leverage emerging technologies in making their businesses more successful.

In case clients had an existing content management system, Westbrook would be happy to look at it and saw if there were opportunities to optimize it further. This helped businesses benefit even more. The folks from the company would also bring in outstanding technical expertise that allowed clients to convert any legacy systems they had to modern more reliable solutions.

The consulting services offered by Westbrook could be cut across three main areas. First, the company would help you implement or update a content management system in your organization. The team would also assist with system design. The usability and performance of any system were entirely down to how it responded to the needs of the organization. Westbrook would carefully assess the content management needs in your business and developed a system that would adequately take care of them.

Finally, clients could also get system recovery and system performance review services from Westbrook. These were crucial services. In case clients had been using a content management system that was hacked or failed for one reason or another, Westbrook would help recover it. The company would also do a compressive assessment of the system and recommend ways clients could explore to make it more secure and optimal in the long run.

Analytical Studies

Analytical studies were designed to ensure that clients organizations had the required capacity to launch and implement content management software in an efficient manner. Analytic services were done in a number of stages. It all started with discovery.

This was the process of assessing your content management needs. If there was a clear understanding of the problem, then it was easier to develop solutions that dealed with it. Secondly, Westbrook would move on to analyze the system capabilities in clients organization to see if they had the required hardware capabilities to run some of these top of the line content management systems.

The company would then do a feasibility study. The study was designed to analyze the cost of implementing these software solutions and the possible returns they could bring to your business. The goal of the feasibility study was to determine what type of system would be ideal in maximizing outcomes. Remember investing in software had to be seen as an input towards better productivity. The analytical services offered by Westbrook would ensure that clients got full value for their money.

Custom Development

As an experienced software development company with a stunning track record in the market, Westbrook Technologies could also be able to offer customized solutions designed to meet the specific needs of different businesses.  Every organization is different. Some may have unique needs that cannot be addressed by single enterprise software.

In that case, Westbrook would be happy to step in and develop customized add-ons that would ultimately make it easier for you to get the most out content management systems. In addition to this, the company would help you integrate your content management system with other relevant business applications.

Technology was not static and there were literally millions of new innovations that came out each day. The team at Westbrook would be keeping track of these innovations and ensure their clients businesses had the capacity to integrate those innovations into their existing system. Finally, the company could also customize its main products to better respond to the unique needs of each business.

In 2013, whether you were going for FortisBlue or FortisBlue Express, Westbrook Technologies was always open towards making a few changes that identified with the needs of your organization.

Why Partnering With Westbrook Technologies Inc.

Westbrook Technologies had been developing enterprise software from 1991 to 2013. Over this period of time, the company had acquired a stellar reputation in the market and a massive customer base.

As of 2013, Westbrook Technologies had over 24,000 customers around the world. The company was always looking at ways to expand its reach even further and this was where its partnership programs come in.

Back into those days, if you was passionate about technology and the role it can play in transforming businesses, then you would fit right in with the team.

Here were some of the reasons why a business should consider partnering with Westbrook Technologies in its efforts to bring its innovative software solutions to more clients:

  • The company offered an industry-leading content management ensuite. It was backed by years of results and a stellar reputation of success. A business could be sure it is dealing with a genuine product that would be warmly welcomed by any business out there.
  • There were significant profits to be made in this partnership. This was because Westbrook Technologies operated on very good margins and there was clear demand for its content management technology.
  • Partners would also get a dedicated sales team at Westbrook Technologies working overtime to make sure they were able to move as many products as possible.
  • Westbrook Technologies brought 20 years of experience in document management services. There was a good opportunity to learn from the company and its experiences in this sector.
  • World-class support dedicated toward making the partnership as successful as possible.
  • Partners would also get the chance to choose different partnership levels. These levels were explained further in the next section.

Types of Partnerships Available At Westbrook Technologies

There were four major types of partnerships available at Westbrook Technologies:

  • Referral Partner – You could present Westbrook Technologies products to various clients and earn a commission from the sales you generate on behalf of the company.
  • Services Partner – Westbrook Technologies also maintained a list of certified and qualified professionals to assist organizations better leverage its software solutions. You could become part of this team and get paid in the process.
  • Selling Partner – If you had a knack for sales this would be a good position for you. You simply helped Westbrook Technologies sell its technologies to more customers and earn commissions for every product sold.
  • Sales and Services Partner – You could also become a reseller for Westbrook Technologies products. You would simply purchase them from the company directly or from authorized sellers and earn a profit for every resale you made.

DocuWare acquired Westbrook Technologies  in 2013 and merged all Fortis products into the DocuWare’s product line. If you’re interested in this type of product, check out the DocuWare’s homepage.