Las Vegas Casinos – Something for everyone

Las Vegas Nevada is the casino lovers Mecca of the United States; playing options vary from small locals casinos to the large neon light lit casinos of the movies. Many of Las Vegas casinos are themed so even if a visitor is not a huge game player there is still plenty for them to see and do. For example, the Excaliburs theme is medieval and the casino is shaped like Camelots castle, New York New York depicts the New York City skyline and the Luxor is shaped like an ancient Egyptian pyramid.

In addition to the interesting themes each hotel also has a variety of eating and entertaining option varying from basic burgers to five star cuisines from world famous chefs and Broadway caliber shows. Visitors can view a Cirque De Soliel show at a variety of casinos, ride in an Italian Gondola at the Venetian, watch the free pirate show outside Treasure Island, view the amazing water show at the Bellagio lagoon for free, look at beautiful white tigers and even see a volcano blow up at the Mirage each night.

But really, most people visit Las Vegas casinos to play the games and they are plentiful. Each casino is laden with a variety of video slot and poker machines ranging in bets from one cent to 500 dollars, and in options from the classic three wheel slot machines to multi-line interactive machines that offer bonuses. Additionally, each casino also offers table games with varying limits and special high stakes areas. Players can visit the roulette tables, play craps, poker, blackjack and even bet on a massive variety of sports until their hearts are content. Gambler beware however, in many casino games the advantage goes to the house. These include Roulette, Craps, and even Blackjack.

There are thousands of choices when choosing to stay at one of these casinos. They all offer rooms starting with a basic queen size bed to elaborate pent houses with balconies and amazing views. Prices vary ranging from 50 dollars per night and up depending on the day of the week.

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